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“After showing no adverse side effects for nearly a year, vaccine recipients slowly began to experience symptoms”

“As time passed and more people across the United States were vaccinated, claims of adverse side effects began to emerge”

“As the investigations grew in intensity, several high-ranking officials at the CDC and FDA were forced to step down and withdraw from government”

“Nearing the end of 2027, reports of new neurological symptoms began to emerge”

“Several parents claimed that their children were experiencing neurological symptoms”

“That month, a group of parents whose children developed mental retardation as a result of encephalitis in the wake of Corovax vaccination sued the federal government, demanding removal of the liability shield protecting the pharmaceutical companies responsible for developing and manufacturing Corovax”

“The fact that the majority of US citizens willing to be vaccinated had already been immunized, the negative publicity surrounding adverse reactions had little effect on nationwide vaccination rates”

“As these cases emerged, patients began filing for compensation under the PREP Act. Due to lingering uncertainties over possible links between vaccination and reported neurological symptoms, their compensation requests were placed on indefinite hold, pending further data analysis”

“This cohort, many of whom adamantly supported the Corovax vaccine initially, quickly took to social media to publicize their issues”

“Today, nearly five years since the St. Paul Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus made its global debut, there remain human cases in 14 countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia”

“As the pandemic tapered off, several influential politicians and agency representatives came under fire for sensationalizing the severity of the event for perceived political gain”

“President Archer’s detractors in the Republican Party seized the opportunity to publicly disparage the President and his administration’s response to the pandemic, urging voters to elect “a strong leader with the best interests of the American people at heart”

“Archer served as Vice President under President Jaclyn Bennett (2020-2024), who did not seek a second term due to health concerns”

“CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice (ACIP) identified the following priority groups for immunization: children aged 1-18, young adults 19-22 with chronic respiratory conditions, and pregnant women”

“To determine how to best distribute limited doses of Corovax to members of priority groups across the country, the US government resorted to new, controversial tactics; notably, having healthcare providers access patients’ electronic health records (EHRs) to determine the number of individuals in high-risk populations receiving care in particular areas”

“Furthermore, these cases arose from the initial cohort of vaccine recipients—those in high risk populations, including those with other underlying health conditions—making it increasingly difficult to determine the extent to which these symptoms are associated with vaccination”

“After-action reports, government hearings, and agency reviews following the pandemic were too numerous to count”

“severe side effects—including swollen legs; severe joint pain; and encephalitis potentially resulting in seizures, seizure disorders or death— occasionally occurred”

“In an effort to further reach certain population subgroups, agency officials enlisted the help of well-known scientists, celebrities, and government officials to make short videos and Zap clips and, in a few cases, give interviews to major media outlets”

“Among those chosen were former President Jaclyn Bennett; BZee, a popular hip hop star; and Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners in Health and a renowned global health expert”

“a group of parents whose children developed mental retardation as a result of encephalitis in the wake of Corovax vaccination sued the federal government, demanding removal of the liability shield protecting the pharmaceutical companies responsible for developing and manufacturing Corovax”

“We have to wait for the data. People need to understand that fact”

“ASPR recommended to HHS Secretary Nagel that SAMHSA collaborate with stakeholders and devise behavioral health guidance for the states, tribes, and territories on how to strengthen the public’s coping skills, provide support for grieving individuals, encourage a forward direction, and meet other SPARS recovery needs”

“HHS Secretary Nagel firmly and vocally supported the decision to postpone evaluation of all claims of long-term side effects”

“The group debated whether it was appropriate for the President to acknowledge the sacrifice that vaccine recipients had made on behalf of their communities or to console them in their grief over that sacrifice”

“A widespread social media movement led primarily by outspoken parents of affected children, coupled with widespread distrust of “big pharma,” supported the narrative that the development of SPARS MCMs was unnecessary and driven by a few profit-seeking individuals”

“Conspiracy theories also proliferated across social media, suggesting that the virus had been purposely created and introduced to the population by drug companies or that it had escaped from a government lab secretly testing bioweapons”

“Early on in the Corovax vaccination campaign, anti-vaccination groups began emerging on social media platforms”

“These groups initially came from four primary sources: Muslim groups across the country, who opposed the vaccine on the basis that the original formulation was used to treat pigs; African Americans, who refused vaccination based on governmental experimentation on African American populations; alternative medicine proponents, and anti-vaccination activists”

“While the federal government appeared to have appropriately addressed concerns around the acute side effects of Corovax, the long-term, chronic effects of the vaccine were still largely unknown”

“As of this writing in 2030, longitudinal studies initiated by the NIH at the beginning of the vaccination program have not reached the next round of data collection, so formal analysis on these symptoms has not yet been conducted”

“The very real possibility of a future SPARS pandemic necessitate continued commitment to vaccination programs”

“future outbreaks will continue to emerge unless countries maintain widespread vaccination coverage”

“On July 9, 2026, a week before Corovax was released for distribution in the United States, the power grid at the Grand Coulee Dam in eastern Washington State experienced a catastrophic failure”

“While the event did not destroy any infrastructure or result in any deaths, it did cause widespread power outages in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia”

“Though power was restored within a day of the initial outage, blackouts continued plaguing these areas over the next three weeks”

October 2025 : SPARS Emerges

January 2026 : “US government contracted CynBio to develop and produce a human SPARS vaccine

HHS invoked the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) to provide liability protection for vaccine manufacturers and providers

SPARS detected in 42 countries and all US states”

May 2026 : “Production of Corovax, the SPARS vaccine produced by CynBio

Hip hop icon BZee promoting public health messaging with online video clip

June 2026 : “Corovax entered the final stage of its expedited review, and production capacity was increased

Ten million doses were expected to be available by July with fifty million more in August

CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice (ACIP) announced vaccine “priority” groups

Healthcare providers were not included as a priority, inciting protests by doctors and nurses across the country

In order to prioritize distribution of limited Corovax supply, the federal government requested that states report summary information for patient electronic health records (EHRs) to estimate the number of individuals in high-risk populations

This effort was met with resistance from the public, who protested the federal government accessing their private medical information”

July 2026 : “Week prior to initiating the nationwide vaccination program, damage to a power grid in the Pacific Northwest resulted in a widespread power outage that lasted two weeks

State and local public health agencies initiated communications programs using posters and flyers to promote the vaccination program in the absence of electronic media

Social media efforts across the country promoted the vaccination campaign, and crowd-sourced data helped to increase efficiency in distributing the vaccine”

December 2026 : “Nationwide vaccination program was expanded beyond the initial priority populations to include the rest of the country

Federal agencies initiated a vaccination communication program involving targeted online advertisements”

February 2027 : “Post-SPARS pneumonia cases”

May 2027 : “Reports of Corovax side effects began to gain traction

Several parents of children who experienced neurological symptoms after receiving the vaccination sued the federal government and CynBio

The lawsuit was dropped when they learned of compensation funds available through the PREP Act and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund”

November 2027 : “Initial reports of long-term side effects of the Corovax vaccine emerged

These reports arose primarily from those in the initial priority (high-risk) populations

With little available data and numerous pre-existing conditions, initial studies were unable to identify a statistically significant association with any long-term effects

Claims for compensation were placed on indefinite hold until further data could be gathered and analysis completed

In response to public demand for long-term side effect compensation, the HHS Secretary invited Congress to conduct an independent investigation of the federal compensation process to alleviate concerns of impropriety

The public and media pressured Congress to increase the funds authorized for compensation under the PREP Act”

August 2028 : “SPARS pandemic was officially declared to be over”

“However, experts remain concerned about domestic animal reservoirs and the potential for future outbreaks”

Timeline Match
To Current Events

November 17, 2019 : Wuhan, China, 1st case

January 21, 2020 : CDC announces 35-year-old tested positive for COVID-19 in USA

February 4, 2020 : HHS invokes “Prep Act”, grants immunity for testing, development, distribution, administration and use of medical countermeasures against COVID-19

March 11, 2020 : WHO declares “pandemic”

December 11, 2020 : FDA announces Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Pfizer mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine

December 14, 2020 : first U.S. vaccinations for “COVID” administered

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