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Human baby sacrifice @ 42.6 million abortions

Normalization of Death

Many times, their organs get sold in the black market to the highest bidder

In ancient civilization times, sacrifice of the first born, sacrificial lamb, sacrificing babies on the altar to the G-ds, was part of culture

“Abolition of the family”
Karl Marx
Communist Manifesto

Big liability with “gene therapies”, no liability for “vaccine” injury

“In politics, nothing happens by accident.
If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sample Legal Letter For Your Employer
On Employer Mandated “Vaccines”

“Gene therapy” Ingredients To Share

They keep repeating the word “vaccine”, so they can normalize the word “vaccines” to be associated with their experimental gene therapies

Propaganda on the American people was legalized on December 28, 2012, under the Smith–Mundt Modernization Act section of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013

While you were enjoying life, scientists have been genetically engineering everything you can think of

If they can get control of the food supply, they have complete control

See Holodomor – Soviet Union – Russia – Ukraine

It has been going on behind the scenes, and now is coming out into the open

Want to guess the leading cause of death worldwide in 2020?

LGBT + is just the cover for it

New “Family”

Break up the family unit, defemenize women, demasculinize men, technology as the new “family” (easier management of population. This is also called “technocracy”, which was trendy in the 1930’s)

Monsanto “gene therapy” GMO foods and pesticides have been found to change our genetic expression, through “horizontal gene transfer”

They are using chemicals to change the genetic expression of human beings

Elimination of
the Nation State

One of the chants being heard across the USA is “no borders, no walls, no USA at all” (so it’s all world government managed)


In ancient times, the weather would dictate the amount of food available for a village and it’s people

We are in a different time now

Our weather is “engineered”, literally called geo-engineering, solar radiation management, stratospheric aerosol injection, and more

Sounds crazy, I know

A lot of the rhetoric coming out the corporation-owned media is :
“it’s better for the planet”

This is another cult, and indoctrination

(See Greta Thunberg Twitter leak)


They’ve been caught spraying the skies of every country with aluminum, barium, strontium and mercury, coming up in soil and rain tests. This is called “geo-engineering”. Gates has patents around this


They love this one, because it pits nations against each other, for “carbon” “emissions”, which conveniently can only be managed by global government regulation

They call it “carbon” trading

Al Gore has patents around this. Gates has patents around this

of Who Can Be “Essential”

Look up “Untermensch”

With the “lockdowns”, they were able to do this with businesses. Hence, your small business is not allowed to open, but Wal-mart is open, because they are multi-national and “essential”

This is also called “seige”

They are beginning to do this around “vaccinated” and “non-vaccinated”

Gates is heavily invested in Walmart

GMO “Vaccines”

The reason why the news is constantly using the word “vaccine” about these GMO jabs, is because they are not “vaccines”

The Moderna 10k for investors admits that they are not “vaccines”

They are “gene therapy”

Many of the manufacturers and funders have admitted that these gene therapies turn your body into a machine that produces “spike proteins”

If that was the only thing that they do, the spike protein is responsible for Alzheimers

Vaccines also contain mercury and aluminum, which have been linked to autism, alzheimers, and more

(see UN’s “no one left behind” Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 policy)

Population Reduction

See Georgia Guidestones – “maintain population under 500 million”, see Ted Turner quotes, Prince Philip quotes, Bill Gates quotes, Kissinger’s National Security Study Memorandum 200

New “Religion”

“Luciferian” pledges in everything (see Marina Abramovic, Lady Gaga at Biden “inauguration”, Superbowl halftime show symbolism, Olympics ceremonies, Cult-like indoctrinations, mask-cult)

The religion around you today is called “scientism”

It is the basis of “technocracy”

It has been slowly brought in over the last 100 years

“Scientism” = promotion of “science” as the best or only objective means by which society should determine normative values

You will see on their corporate news, everything is revolved around “science”

“Trust the science”

Remember that “Doctors” are agents of the state

What happens if they go against the conventional beliefs of “scientism”?

(See docs fired, rescinded licenses, censored on the internet, sometimes killed)

Same as attorneys, who pledge to the “bar” = Jesuit “Temple Bar”

It’s a religion, without conscious knowledge

Hank Aaron, Marvin Hagler, DMX, and more have all been sacrificed by the gene therapy experimental “vaccines”

They have been caught giving different “vaccines” to different people based on their skin color

So when the people around you start dying, and it’s no big deal because “trust the science” and “vaccines are good”, know that you are in the cult of “scientism”

That’s just the “reported” number

UN Directed Mobility

Illegal immigrants flooded into middle class neighborhoods

“COVID” “quarantine” camps (see pictures going up in China and Canada)

After they kill you, they just tell your family it was “COVID” and move on


Persecution of truth tellers, whistleblowers (Assange, Snowden), persecution of Christians, Buddhists, Muslims (anyone who answers to G-d, not pedofile, Luciferian world government mammon deception)

When you see the TV and movie actors promoting “vaccines” or going along with the latest corporate plan, remember that they are for hire, and you are the product

They are getting paid to go along with the “trust the science” plan

Divide and Conquer,
Then Disarmament

Find political narratives, or manufacture live events (see Jan 6th) to blame certain population groups, to get the rest of the population to register firearms

Play groups off against each other to consolidate market share

Then later, take the firearms (they’ve run this playbook in other countries)

(also part of UN “peace keeping” “disarmament” official policy, to disarm nation states)

of Nationalism

UN global Luciferian government now in full receivership of “USA” incorporated. No longer an independent country

Biden eliminates 52,100 jobs with stroke of pen (border wall construction, keystone pipeline)

Other pipelines being taken off line

This is called “siege”, with “carbon” and “climate” as the cover

If all of this sounds crazy, you are right

Uproot Legal System

Rule of law out the door

Biden is compromised communist-Chinese agent

PCR Scam

PCR inventor dead now, before died, said in interview doesn’t test for anything

Goons have been caught setting “cycle thresholds” above 40 cycles, so everyone tests “positive”, then 30 minutes later, use different test, “negative”

They now have complete control of who, when and where you will test “positive”, to be able to have complete control of mobility and who is allowed to be set free

If you are reading this and are “fully vaccinated”, you are mistaken

(See MIT, Gates patents on “Storing medical information below the skin’s surface” ID 2020)

Royalties on “COVID vaccines” also owned by Gates

DNA capture in “test kits”

See “Covid anal swabs – China”

WHO has been caught administering Gates’ vaccines to sterilize 3rd world country populations

Gates has spoken about this in interviews and TED talks, the need for depopulation

He says the best way to “do a good job”, is with “vaccines”

Gates is invested in Pfizer, Moderna and Facebook

Facebook’s new policy is to outlaw vaccine “misinformation”

Zuckerberg caught on leaked video by whistleblower saying the “vaccine” is untested and long term effects unknown

This is what they did in the Soviet Union, with censorship, and in Communist China with Mao, set up by Rockefeller and other industrialists

No, they didn’t “cure” polio with vaccines. They create polio with vaccines

Gates’ “vaccines” admitted to be #1 cause of polio in the world


Biden now has “USA” incorporated rejoining UN Climate Accords, which will put “carbon” tracking on businesses

(Human beings are carbon-based life forms, and breathe out CO2. It’s an anti human peaceful depopulation propaganda scam)


Biden rescinds “1776 commission”, so these world gov’t liberal goons can change narrative of history again to indoctrinate our children

Gates also funds “Common Core” education for our children to learn nothing at “public” schools


They now have over 20,000 army soldiers barricading DC, like it’s “The Capitol” from Hunger Games, Venezuela or North Korea

Suggestions On
Things You Can Do

If you are still reading, you are 1 out of 10

Yes, you can still live and enjoy your life

Question everything

Learn about Jesuit history (this alone will change a lot of perspectives. See “university” origins, “temple bar”, pope, queen)

Learn about UCC (still learning, birth certificate is warehouse receipt to create Cestui Que Vie Trust, that can be traded on, look at back of birth certificate for EIN number, you are the employer)

Learn 2nd language

Learn how to do new things (hunt, fish, make fire, code, etc), and how to make things (clothing, bread, etc)

Read “Who Moved My Cheese”, it’s really short

The summary of the book is that, every day these few mice get cheese

The cheese comes every day at the same time, and they get cheese

Then one day, the cheese stops coming

All of the mice keep coming back looking for the cheese, every day

It never comes

Eventually, one of the mice leaves that spot and finds the cheese in another spot

The rest of the mice stay where they are, and keep waiting for the cheese to come. It never comes

That one mouse now gets all of the cheese, while the others never left their original spot, still waiting for the cheese to come

Time Period

IMO, we are living in a time, in a culture, that is dying, while something else is arising

We have to just listen for it (that may mean taking off your glasses, or removing contact lenses – which take away our ability to connect to each other and the unconscious)

In my opinion, this is a time for secession, for creating something new, learning how to do new things, taking back our communities, seeing that all human beings are our siblings, and we are all expressions of G-d

Hopefully this was helpful, let me know what you think and share this message

The more people who wake up to all that is going on, the easier the transition will be to the next phase of life

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”

John 8:32

The cheese has moved 🙂

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