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With “misinformation”, “vaccine hesitancy”, “white supremacy”, “equity”, “critical race theory”, “drag queen story time” in schools, our society has been completely infiltrated on every level

They say “we are not going back to normal”

The United Nations documents say :

“Leave no one behind” and “no one left behind”

If you think the politicians on TV are going to save you, you’re wrong

If you think your money is going to save you, you’re wrong

If someone is openly declaring war on your livelihood, we all have a responsibility to not only protect ourselves from that threat, but to save as many people as possible from that threat

They are spraying us from the sky with heavy metals, poisoning our water supply and mandating recurring gene therapy injections on our children

They are then posing as the saviors, as part of a coordinated perception campaign

If you have red blood and breathe oxygen, you are on “team humanity”

You are not and never will be on their team

The people infiltrating are not human. They are basically aliens who want to merge you with machines, change your dna, rape your child, castrate your husband, rape your wife and steal your property

This project belongs to our children, and our children’s children

It belongs to the people who came before me, our ancestors

Only together, with every possible idea, resource and imagination can we overcome the impossible

If we fail, our children will not live to see their future

I am 100% sure of that

They are getting ready to roll out technology, that will enslave all of humanity

If we are not able to find a way to stop this now, they will attempt to change our genetics, change our history, brainwash the masses, steal our children’s future, create a new narrative and exterminate all of us

You are now inside of a very sophisticated military-grade propaganda and subversion campaign to change your genetics and enslave our society

The greatest gift I can give to you, is to compile “headlines” at this time

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Below you will find resources, presentations, interviews I’ve done, “vaccine” ingredients being compiled, that we know of so far, and more

There are technological developments behind that the scenes, beyond your wildest imaginations – I can barely keep up

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