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Residents of Russian Region Ordered to Get Jabbed or Stay Home

Australian Military to Relocate COVID-19 Positive and “Close Contacts” to “Quarantine Camps”

Scottish Government’s Vax Passport Sending Private Data To Amazon, Microsoft

‘Reminiscent of Fascism’ – Croatian President Slams COVID Tyranny in Austria

Phoenix Mandates Vaccines For ALL Employees – Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Runs From Reporters When Questioned (Video)

Vaccine Mandates Force Long Beach, New York’s ONLY Emergency Room to Shut Down (VIDEO)

Thousands of New Yorkers Flood Streets to March for Freedom – (Video)

German Health Minister Jens Spahn says all citizens will be “vaccinated, cured or dead” by winter’s end

Britain Goes Full Orwell, Says “Fully Vaccinated” An Evolving Term

One brave ICU physician reporting COVID-19 vaccine injuries leads to dozen more

Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice rate of unvaccinated people same age

Idaho legislators advance bill to expand compensation benefits for workers injured by covid “vaccines”

European governments impose lockdowns targeting unvaccinated individuals

Austria first Western country to force covid “vaccines” on all citizens

Unvaccinated soldiers are being FORCED OUT of armed forces

Police officer in Western Australia suffers blood clots, stroke after taking Pfizer shot

Swedish study finds that covid vaccines deplete immune system, INCREASE mortality by 20%

Whistleblowers expose 13 stillborn deaths in 24 hours at Lions Gates Hospital caused by covid “vaccines”

CDC officials say there WILL be a flu season this year after virus ‘disappeared’ during 2020 season

Czech protesters demand ‘freedom’ as new COVID restrictions go into effect for the unvaccinated

France imposes new COVID rules for adults, mandates vaccine certificates for public visits

Kenya issues vaccination mandate

EU wants to harmonize validity period of vaccination certificate

28 percent of Americans surveyed believe the ‘truth about harmful effects of vaccines’ is being deliberately hidden from the public

Photos: Europeans protest Covid-19 restrictions

Unrest over vaccine mandates rock Guadeloupe

Kansas GOP eases religious vaccine exemptions, moves to limit mandates

Australian Chief Minister: “If You’re Anti-Mandate, You’re Anti-Vax”

Why families are seeing more abrupt school closures

Singapore’s COVID tracking turns into surveillance state

Britain’s Prince Charles to open new AstraZeneca research centre

Could mRNA make us superhuman?

Can Synthetic Biology Save Us? This Scientist Thinks So

Increased meat consumption leads to higher rates of serious disease, study finds

Climate change: Men’s diets are linked to 41 per cent higher greenhouse gas emissions than women’s

Merck Closes Deal for Acceleron Pharma, Biggest Biotech Merger of the Year

Can Carbon Capture Technology Save the Oil and Gas Industry, and the Climate?

Biogen (BIIB) Alzheimer’s Drug Aduhelm Shows Brain Swelling in 35% of Patients

Federal Reserve Encourages Americans to Replace Thanksgiving Turkeys With Soybean Products

Coal-fired power plants to close after new wastewater rule

EU carbon price hits record above 71 euros

Large Insurers Are Hatching a Plan to Take Down Coal

New homes in England must have electric vehicle charging points

‘Eco Warrior’ David Suzuki Says Pipelines will be “Blown Up” if Leaders Don’t Act on Climate Change (VIDEO)

Portugal’s power production goes coal-free long before deadline

Report: Democrats Want To Introduce Law That Would Allow Police To Confiscate Guns From US Troops

AOC Demanding Reform of NYC’s ‘Excessive’ Bail Laws – Day After Waukesha Attack

Term ‘Sex Offender’ Cancelled Because it May Upset Sex Offenders

How teaching kids about their sexual health can prevent cancer

How Six of the Catholic Church’s Abuse Victims Faced Their Trauma Decades Later

Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre: Five Deceased Victims Identified – Including Four Elderly Members of Milwaukee’s ‘Dancing Grannies’

Update: Soros DA Released Christmas Parade Mass Murder Suspect Days Before Attack

Antifa Activist Smashes in GOP Senator’s Office Door with an Axe — Gets Probation – FBI Gives Him His Axe Back (VIDEO)

BREAKING: Parade Killer Darrell Brooks Was Recently Arrested after RUNNING OVER WOMAN at a Gas Station Earlier This Month — Was Bailed Out for Only $1000 Last Week …Update: Was Mother of His Child

Milwaukee DA behind John Doe Investigations Credited with Release of Christmas Parade Killer from Jail Last Week

Thomas Jefferson statue leaves City Hall after 187 years

Biden to Hire 80,000 New IRS Agents to Target Middle Class

Georgia demands accountability on Zuckerberg’s $5.6M donation to Raffensperger in 2020 election

Jeff Bezos Donates $100 Million to Obama Foundation

Digital Yuan Scams Emerge Across China As PBOC Readies E-CNY

China targets celebrity online information in ramp up of fan culture crackdown

Russian Invasion of Ukraine a ‘Real Possibility,’ Russia Watchers Warn

Forever chemicals found to be significantly more toxic than previously thought